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Why slam the brakes, when you can push the pedals and feel the rush of cycling? Get set to explore your city on the saddle of a Mach City. Reclaim the simple joys of speeding down an empty lane with the wind in your hair. Pause only for conversations with a friend or two along your path. Rediscover cycling the Mach City way!
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City Terrain Bikes

Short distance cycling is perfect when your destination is too far to walk and too close to drive. It’s the shop around the corner, the bank on the block and the bakery down the street. Think of all the calories you can burn, the emissions you can prevent and the fuel bills you can save. Just leave your vehicle at home, hop on to your bike, and take a short ride on your Mach City road bicycle through the city terrain to a better lifestyle. You will find that these short distance cycling adventures can make a big difference to your life.

Mach City Bikes

Mach City Bikes are designed for the city. It’s the perfect ride for short distance cycling. The evolved range of city terrain and touring bikes are your shortcut through traffic jams. Your workout on wheels. Your voice on global warming. It’s your solution for everything the city can throw at you!